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5 Benefits of Our Services in the COVID-19 Era

Private Jet Charter Services in the Covid-19 Era

5 Benefits of Our Services in the COVID-19 Era

5 Benefits of Our Services in the COVID-19 Era 768 320 sashadmin

When it comes to safe travel during quarantine, there is no better option than flying private. The threat of COVID-19 has completely transformed the travel industry and how we view it. The idea of packed airports, taking off your shoes in a crowded TSA line and tight cabin quarters conjure images of germs breeding exponentially. Now more than ever, travelers are seeking a safer, less stressful option like our on-demand private jet charter services in the COVID-19 Era.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing private jet charter services during the pandemic.

Crowd Avoidance

Chartering a private aircraft allows you to avoid the large crowds you encounter when traveling commercial. Instead of flying in and out of large airports that facilitate thousands of flights every day, we use smaller and private-only airports with significantly less volume whenever possible. For example, instead of flying into a high-volume hub like LAX, ClickJetz uses smaller airports such as Hawthorne and Van Nuys. This is the most efficient way to minimize exposure to germs both on the ground and in the air.  

Hassle-Free Security Checks

Flying private changes the game when it comes to security. You will not have to wait in a crowded TSA line or take off your shoes to step on germ-ridden airport floors. Your aircraft crew will escort you to the vessel and perform a security check by simply viewing your photo ID and asking screening questions.

Next Level Disinfection

Our private jets are deep cleaned and disinfected regularly in accordance with CDC guidelines. We use EPA-certified disinfectants that kill the germs that cause COVID-19 and pay extra attention to high-touch surfaces that harbor them. Everything from the cockpit and galley to the restrooms and cabin seats are thoroughly sanitized before anyone boards one of our aircraft.

Social Distancing Onboard

The social distancing offered onboard private jets is unrivalled. Since private aircrafts are smaller, they transport significantly less passengers and staff than commercial flights. This makes greater privacy possible and helps limit the spread of infection. More importantly, when you charter a private jet, you have control over who travels with you. ClickJetz provides photos of the aircraft interiors and seat maps so that you can view the configuration before traveling.

Greater Access to Ground Transportation

We offer concierge-style services to help you get to and from the airport faster and more luxuriously. This means no standing in line waiting for a taxi or Uber, which translates to less exposure to germs. Another benefit of private aviation is that if you drive yourself to the airport, you can park much closer to where you board. This limits exposure to others at an even greater level.  

The ease, convenience and increased safety measures that flying private offers make it a no-brainer during this worldwide pandemic outbreak. Click here to learn more about the on-demand private jet charter services in the COVID-19 Era that we provide.