CLICKJETZ has access to an extensive worldwide network of aircraft available for private jet charter. We therefore have the flexibility to deliver the best plane for your needs as well as the exact model and features you desire.

2 hrs
4 – 8
The most economical private charter option,
suitable for short flights of up to two hours.
3 hrs
3 – 5
Known as a VLJ, the smallest size jet.
Ideal for flights up to 2.5 hours.
4 hrs
6 – 7
Best suited for regional trips two to four hours in lengths.
4.5 hrs
6 – 8
A cost-effective way to increase space and range,
appropriate for trips up to 4.5 hours.
5 hrs
6 – 8
For longer trips or for those seeking a more spacious cabin.
Suitable for domestic travel and capable of doing five hours nonstop.
6 hrs
8 – 10
Offers long distance capability at a competitive rate.
Suitable for transcontinental and transoceanic travel.
6 hrs
9 – 18
The largest and most spacious private jet category.
Suitable for long trips or when comfort is a priority.
11 hrs
12 – 17
Heavy jet models with an extended range.
Capable of flying up to eleven hours nonstop.

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1-2 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to Vegas
New York to Washington DC
Chicago to Nashville

3-4 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to Houston
New York to Chicago
Miami to New York

5-6 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to New York
Miami to San Francisco
Los Angeles to Hawaii

7+ hours

Sample Trips:
New York to London
Miami to Paris
Washington, DC to Zurich