Heavy jet

The pinnacle of private jet charters, heavy jets check all the boxes when it comes to spaciousness, performance and luxury. With galleys capable of delivering gourmet meals, many heavy jets can have their cabins converted into sleeping berths for overnight trips. When you want the best available, choose a heavy jet private charter.

9 to 18 passengers

168 cu ft; 4.75 cu m

553 mph; 890 kph

4,750 miles; 7,650 km


Long distances including transatlantic flights

Top of the line in comfort and amenities

Ideal for large groups

The most costly aircraft option.

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1-2 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to Vegas
New York to Washington DC
Chicago to Nashville

3-4 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to Houston
New York to Chicago
Miami to New York

5-6 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to New York
Miami to San Francisco
Los Angeles to Hawaii

7+ hours

Sample Trips:
New York to London
Miami to Paris
Washington, DC to Zurich