Light jet

More spacious than a VLJ but still a cost-effective private charter option, light jet charters are ideal for small groups traveling regionally. In comparison to the other compact plane options, enclosed lavatories are standard on light jets making a light jet charter the small business jet of choice for many travelers.

6 to 8 passengers

62 cu ft; 1.75 cu m

482 mph;775 kmph

1950 miles; 3138 km


Economical option for short to mid-range trips

Smallest category with enclosed lavatories standard

Compact enough to operate out of small remote-destination airports

Limited baggage capacity for skis or large golf bags.
Intercontinental trips only.

Need more room?
Upgrade to Midsize Jet

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1-2 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to Vegas
New York to Washington DC
Chicago to Nashville

3-4 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to Houston
New York to Chicago
Miami to New York

5-6 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to New York
Miami to San Francisco
Los Angeles to Hawaii

7+ hours

Sample Trips:
New York to London
Miami to Paris
Washington, DC to Zurich