Super Midsize Jet

Super midsize jets, commonly referred to as super mids, are the largest of the business jets and are powered by two jet engines. Roomy, efficient, luxurious and quieter than a heavy jet, these aircraft have ample external baggage capacity so there’s no need to limit your wardrobe choices when packing for a super midsize charter. Entering a super midsize jet you will have arrived before you have ever taken off.

8 to 10 passengers

128 cu ft; 3.62 cu m

530 mph; 852 kmph

3,890 miles; 6,260 km


Spacious, speedy and luxurious at a better price point than a heavy jet

Ideal for medium-sized groups

Not quite enough range for transatlantic flights.

Need more room?
Upgrade to Heavy Jet

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1-2 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to Vegas
New York to Washington DC
Chicago to Nashville

3-4 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to Houston
New York to Chicago
Miami to New York

5-6 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to New York
Miami to San Francisco
Los Angeles to Hawaii

7+ hours

Sample Trips:
New York to London
Miami to Paris
Washington, DC to Zurich