For short hops of one to two hours turboprops offer an ideal and economical private charter option. Similar in size to a light jet and more spacious than a VLJ, turboprops provide many of the amenities found in their jet counterparts but at a lower price point. Like jets, turboprops are powered by a turbine engine. Turboprops have an external propeller while jets have their turbine engine encased with fan blades. While turboprops offer cost savings by utilizing less fuel, there is no sacrifice in safety.

6 to 9 passengers

52 cu ft; 1.5 cu m

320 mph; 515 kmph

1575 miles; 2535 km



Many have enclosed lavatories;

Greater baggage capacity compared to VLJs; comparable to a Light Jet

More spacious than VLJs

Compact enough to operate out of small remote-destination airports

Slower than jets.
Not suitable for long distances because they travel at a slower speed.

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1-2 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to Vegas
New York to Washington DC
Chicago to Nashville

3-4 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to Houston
New York to Chicago
Miami to New York

5-6 hours

Sample Trips:
Los Angeles to New York
Miami to San Francisco
Los Angeles to Hawaii

7+ hours

Sample Trips:
New York to London
Miami to Paris
Washington, DC to Zurich