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Bessie Coleman AKA Queen Bess women in aviation
Queen Bess 768 320 sashadmin

Queen Bess

It’s hard to imagine a more challenging start to life than being born poor, black and female in 1892 Texas.  Despite these challenges, Bessie Coleman soared to amazing heights during her short life to become the first African-American woman and the first Native-American to hold a pilot’s license and the first black person to earn…

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Perks of Empty Legs Flights
The Perks of Empty Leg Flights 768 320 sashadmin

The Perks of Empty Leg Flights

Luxury is everything—especially when we travel. Charter flights offer luxury and bespoke service, but they may not always be affordable. Empty leg flights offer a solution for those with the flexibility to travel one way and a desire to experience the benefits of flying private. An “empty leg,” also known as an empty sector, is…

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COVID 19 Air Charter
COVID-19 Update for September 768 320 sashadmin

COVID-19 Update for September

Commercial airlines continue to struggle amidst COVID-19, as is evidenced by United’s announcement that the airline is putting 16,370 workers on involuntary, indefinite furlough at the start of October. Along with 7,400 voluntary departures, the airline is cutting its workforce by more than 25%. It’s not alone. American Airlines recently announced 19,000 furloughs and layoffs,…

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Women of Aviation
Women of Aviation 768 320 sashadmin

Women of Aviation

In the fall of 1908 Wilbur Wright went to France to prove to nonbelievers that he and his brother Orville had indeed conquered flight.  Among those in the crowd, and lucky enough to join Wilbur for a ride, was an eccentric young woman named Raymonde de Laroche.  One ride aboard the Flyer was all it…

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Businesss Travel
How to Stay Productive on the Road 768 320 sashadmin

How to Stay Productive on the Road

Business travel is always a bit of a juggling act. You’re traveling for client meetings, site visits, whatever the reason, which has you managing the logistics that come with travel. You’re rushing to make appointments on time, maintaining your usual workload and hopefully squeezing in time to eat, sleep and check in with loved ones.…

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Private Jet Charter Services in the Covid-19 Era
5 Benefits of Our Services in the COVID-19 Era 768 320 sashadmin

5 Benefits of Our Services in the COVID-19 Era

When it comes to safe travel during quarantine, there is no better option than flying private. The threat of COVID-19 has completely transformed the travel industry and how we view it. The idea of packed airports, taking off your shoes in a crowded TSA line and tight cabin quarters conjure images of germs breeding exponentially.…

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airplane at night
Time for an Upgrade? Part 1: Private Charter Basics 768 320 sashadmin

Time for an Upgrade? Part 1: Private Charter Basics

One of my favorite parts of my job as a private charter broker is working with flyers that are considering transitioning from First-Class commercial travel to private charter. Providing these clients information on the ins and outs of private charter gives me a chance to share all the knowledge I’ve accrued over the years of…

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Charter Jet Looking Out Window
What’s an On-Demand Charter Broker? 768 320 sashadmin

What’s an On-Demand Charter Broker?

Let’s break it down… ‘On-Demand Charter’ is when you book and pay for a charter when you need it. There is no membership, membership fees, large deposits or long-term commitment required. ‘Broker’ is an intermediary who has deep knowledge of the charter industry and using specialized software and established relationships, sources, negotiates, and presents you…

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Flying in Bad Weather
Flying Private During Bad Weather 768 320 sashadmin

Flying Private During Bad Weather

The weather is getting increasingly unpredictable and it’s probably safe to say that at some point every one of us has had a flight affected by the weather. Last February, Las Vegas saw snow for the first time in over a decade and it crippled their commercial airport. We had a number of calls from…

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Turboprops Are Your Friend 768 320 sashadmin

Turboprops Are Your Friend

The turboprop is an ideal aircraft option for short hops of one to two hours. There are many negative myths about turboprops that need to be cleared up. Turboprops VS Jets Both turboprops and jets use turbine engines.  The key difference between the two types of aircraft is that jet aircraft have their turbine engines…

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