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How to Stay Productive on the Road

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Business travel is always a bit of a juggling act. You’re traveling for client meetings, site visits, whatever the reason, which has you managing the logistics that come with travel. You’re rushing to make appointments on time, maintaining your usual workload and hopefully squeezing in time to eat, sleep and check in with loved ones. It’s a lot to balance and can be a quick road to burn out. Savvy business travelers are wise to incorporate a private jet charter and business hotel when planning their itinerary to guarantee a successful trip.

Consider the following to stay productive on the road:

Manage Your Time Wisely

Choose the right task for the right moment. While you may have extra time between flights or during a car ride, it might not be the right time to read an intensive white paper or important client document. While waiting in a crowded terminal for your flight to be called, you’re not going to have the same focus as you would sitting at your desk uninterrupted. Instead, use these moments to answer quick emails or to complete busywork that doesn’t require a lot of brainpower or concentration.

Fly Private

Most of us kid ourselves that there will be plenty of time to work throughout our travel. The reality is that busy airports, crammed cabins, delays, connections and “red-eyes” are not conducive to productivity. When you book a private jet charter for your work travel, you wait less and get to work more. There is no standing in endless TSA lines or rushing through sprawling airports. A private cabin means less noise and fewer disruptions. You might even find a little time to relax and enjoy the amenities that private flights offer. With last minute work travel, you can even take advantage of empty leg flights for the very best rates. Flying private ensures a much more relaxed, productive journey that leaves you feeling refreshed rather than frazzled.

Plan Ahead

Plan and prepare for everything! Download any documents you might require to your laptop before you leave on your trip. Have extra battery chargers in case one lets you down. Bring a thumb drive with backup copies of presentations. Staying one step ahead will help you achieve success in any situation.

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Private Jet Charter Services in the Covid-19 Era

5 Benefits of Our Services in the COVID-19 Era

5 Benefits of Our Services in the COVID-19 Era 768 320 sashadmin

When it comes to safe travel during quarantine, there is no better option than flying private. The threat of COVID-19 has completely transformed the travel industry and how we view it. The idea of packed airports, taking off your shoes in a crowded TSA line and tight cabin quarters conjure images of germs breeding exponentially. Now more than ever, travelers are seeking a safer, less stressful option like our on-demand private jet charter services in the COVID-19 Era.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing private jet charter services during the pandemic.

Crowd Avoidance

Chartering a private aircraft allows you to avoid the large crowds you encounter when traveling commercial. Instead of flying in and out of large airports that facilitate thousands of flights every day, we use smaller and private-only airports with significantly less volume whenever possible. For example, instead of flying into a high-volume hub like LAX, ClickJetz uses smaller airports such as Hawthorne and Van Nuys. This is the most efficient way to minimize exposure to germs both on the ground and in the air.  

Hassle-Free Security Checks

Flying private changes the game when it comes to security. You will not have to wait in a crowded TSA line or take off your shoes to step on germ-ridden airport floors. Your aircraft crew will escort you to the vessel and perform a security check by simply viewing your photo ID and asking screening questions.

Next Level Disinfection

Our private jets are deep cleaned and disinfected regularly in accordance with CDC guidelines. We use EPA-certified disinfectants that kill the germs that cause COVID-19 and pay extra attention to high-touch surfaces that harbor them. Everything from the cockpit and galley to the restrooms and cabin seats are thoroughly sanitized before anyone boards one of our aircraft.

Social Distancing Onboard

The social distancing offered onboard private jets is unrivalled. Since private aircrafts are smaller, they transport significantly less passengers and staff than commercial flights. This makes greater privacy possible and helps limit the spread of infection. More importantly, when you charter a private jet, you have control over who travels with you. ClickJetz provides photos of the aircraft interiors and seat maps so that you can view the configuration before traveling.

Greater Access to Ground Transportation

We offer concierge-style services to help you get to and from the airport faster and more luxuriously. This means no standing in line waiting for a taxi or Uber, which translates to less exposure to germs. Another benefit of private aviation is that if you drive yourself to the airport, you can park much closer to where you board. This limits exposure to others at an even greater level.  

The ease, convenience and increased safety measures that flying private offers make it a no-brainer during this worldwide pandemic outbreak. Click here to learn more about the on-demand private jet charter services in the COVID-19 Era that we provide.

To Travel or Not to Travel

To travel or not to travel?

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For those of you who need to travel and those of you just who want to, we want to provide the latest recommendations and considerations.

At the time of this posting this is what we know:

As on March 11 there is a travel ban on continental Europeans traveling to the U.S.

  • This ban does not apply to citizens of the U.K.
  • This ban does not apply to American citizens or permanent residents traveling home to the U.S.

No restrictions on domestic travel, however, the CDC warns that crowded travel settings, like commercial airports and commercial aircraft, can increase your risk to exposure.  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/travel-in-the-us.html

How can private charter minimize your exposure?
Avoids crowded settings
Eliminates high-touch screenings such as TSA checkpoints
Smaller environment allows for more thorough cleaning

Our operator-partners are taking precautionary measures including:

  • Sanitizing all areas of the cabin with hospital grade disinfectants in compliance with WHO and CDC guidelines
  • Replacing hot towel service with pre-moistened towelettes
  • Removing all disposable reading materials from the aircraft
  • Supplementing pre-moistened towelettes and sanitizer for crew

In consideration of this ever-changing environment, many operators have instituted a more relaxed cancellation policy. If you are interested in making a future booking but are concerned about unanticipated circumstances that may prevent travel, please ask about cancellation policies that will allow for a refund.

As always, we remain an on-demand charter company with no fees to use our service.

Please call with questions or quote requests, we look forward to helping you safely reach your next destination.

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ClickJetz Grounded

Get Home From Europe Today

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As fears about the spread of COVID-19 grow and the travel ban announced by President Trump goes into effect, Americans abroad are scrambling to get back to the United States. As a result, ticket prices are soaring and availability is growing scarcer by the minute. To make matters worse, major airlines including British Airways, Delta, Norwegian and Ryanair are canceling hundreds of routes and flights. The good news is, there is an option to get home from Europe safely—flying private with ClickJetz on-demand jet services that offer the best charter rates available.

Since the travel ban was imposed, prices on commercial airlines have skyrocketed—in some cases tripling. In just one day, one-way flights from Paris to New York traveling Friday went from $2000 up to $7300 on several airlines. Many schools across the country are on spring break, creating even greater demand for flights. Those trying to purchase or change tickets on the phone are finding themselves waiting hours with no success.

If travelers can even find a seat on a flight, they may expose themselves to COVID-19. Airport lines and crowds are at all-time high, increasing the risk of exposure even more.

Flying private reduces that risk by providing a more exclusive transportation option. Less exposure to other travelers, means less risk.

With the threat of COVID-19 growing exponentially, it’s critical to mitigate risk. By flying with ClickJetz, passengers can rest assured that all high-touch areas are disinfected thoroughly in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

Another benefit of flying private is that, unlike with commercial airlines, connections are much more limited. With the extraordinary demand right now, passengers are forced to make an unusual number of connections, requiring them to pass through crowded international airports.

With the CDC and WHO (World Health Organization) recommending “social distancing,” private charter flights are the safest option.

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Heavy Jet

Private Charter Doesn’t Stop for Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus Outbreak has rattled the transportation industry. This week, on Wednesday, March 4th, United Airlines and JetBlue Airways became the first of US Airlines to cut some of their US flight schedules since so many passengers were worried about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

United Airlines has said they will be cutting their flights inside of the United States and Canada by about 10% and their overseas flights by roughly 20%. United is attempting to keep flights running in a way that doesn’t stress their employees and the overall operation.

JetBlue had a similar plan, stating they would cut their flights by 5% soon. “We are closely monitoring booking trends to assess whether additional capacity reductions will be required,” the airline said in a statement. It added that passengers who are booked on affected flights will be moved to other flights that will get them to their destinations “on the same day.”

Don't Let Coronavirus Keep You Grounded

Luckily, ClickJetz is not your average Air Charter or Airline. ClickJetz is your go-to Private Air Charter company that will find a way for you hop place-to-place in style. With ClickJetz, you can expect little to no delay when it comes to grabbing your bags and taking off on a private jet.  Find out more about the process of finding the right jet for you by clicking here.

When it comes to usability, security, and reliability, ClickJetz is #1 in the game. The coronavirus, the flu, or any other virus doesn’t stop ClickJetz from transporting its customers across the country and across the world in style with multiple different-sized jets ready for any person, any group of people, and any event.

We look forward to being of assistance during this time. Please reach out with any questions regarding the private charter process and how it can be a safer travel option during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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COVID-19 – Coronavirus and Private Charter

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Since forming in 2006, our top priority has been the safety of our clients. With COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) quickly spreading across the globe, the safety of our clients has taken on a new meaning.

Much about COVID-19 and how it is transmitted is still unknown, however, the CDC believes its spread to be similar to known coronaviruses.

Coronavirus - COVID-19 PrepSource: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/transmission.html

What is particularly concerning is that the CDC says that “some spread might be possible before people show symptoms.”

Unfortunately, commercial air travel that packs a large number of strangers into a small space creates a prime opportunity for transmission.

In light of this major companies have begun to cancel both domestic and international travel in an effort to protect their employees.  As witnessed by the downhill slide of world markets, this has had a significant impact on the economy.

If COVID-19 is impacting your bottom-line and travel is imperative, consider private charter to protect your employees and your company. 

ClickJetz Coronavirus Private Air Charter

Private charter significantly limits exposure compared to commercial travel.

  • Skip the commercial terminal teeming with people in close proximity and contaminated surfaces. Private FBOs have FAR fewer people passing through and you can choose to remain in your vehicle until boarding.
  • Aircraft are professionally cleaned between each flight and all surfaces wiped down. Private aircraft are far smaller than commercial aircraft, therefore a thorough cleaning is achieved more easily.
  • Travel with your private party only.

We look forward to being of assistance during this concerning time. Please reach out with any questions regarding the private charter process and how it can be a safer travel option during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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