Charter Flight Pricing

The prices below are sample prices to provide a general idea of pricing.
Please request a quote to get a detailed quote for your specific needs.

North America

Boston to Paris: 13-passenger Heavy Jet – $65k

Denver to Scottsdale: 6-passenger Light Jet – $10k

Los Angeles to Dallas: 7-passenger Super Light Jet – $23k

Los Angeles to New York: 9-passenger Super Midsize Jet – $28k

Memphis to Nashville: 6-passenger Turboprop – $5k

Miami to Aspen: 9-passenger Midsize Jet – $21k

Miami to Dallas: 14-passenger Heavy Jet – $23k

New York to Boston: 8-passenger Light Jet – $7k

New York to Louisville: 7-passenger Light Jet – $10.5k

San Francisco to Los Angeles: 8-passenger Light Jet – $9k

Scottsdale to Las Vegas: 8-passenger Turboprop – $4.5k

Vancouver to Hawaii: 10-passenger Super-Midsize Jet – $65k


Athens to Mykonos: 6-passenger Light Jet – $6k

Geneva to London: 4-passenger Very Light Jet – $8k

Ibiza to Corfu: 7-passenger Light Jet – $14k

Ibiza to Paris: 5-passenger Light Jet – $10k

London to Amsterdam: 7-passenger Light Jet – $8k

Paris to Greece: 6-passenger Light Jet – $15k

Paris to Nice: 4-passenger Very Light Jet – $7k

Prague to Vienna: 4-passenger Very Light Jet – $5k

Santorini to Milan: 13-passenger Heavy Jet – $30k

Ground Transportation

Convenience and comfort don’t need to end when your private charter touches down. Whether you require a sedan, SUV, taxi or rental car awaiting your arrival, ClickJetz’s Travel Portfolio Managers can coordinate the steps that will allow you to seamlessly reach your destination.

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