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Flying Private During Bad Weather

Flying in Bad Weather

Flying Private During Bad Weather

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The weather is getting increasingly unpredictable and it’s probably safe to say that at some point every one of us has had a flight affected by the weather. Last February, Las Vegas saw snow for the first time in over a decade and it crippled their commercial airport. We had a number of calls from people whose flight was either canceled or significantly delayed and we were able to get every one of them on their way on a private charter despite the weather.  

How were we able to do this?

First, it should be clear that private aircraft are held to the same safety guidelines as commercial airlines and that our operators and pilots always put the safety of their passengers first. Bad weather does still affect private flights, it just doesn’t impact them to the same degree as commercial airliners.

Private aircraft are smaller and transport a lot fewer people than a commercial flight. They require fewer resources and less coordination between those resources to operate. This allows them to react more quickly than commercial flights once weather begins to hinder airport operations and the backlog of flights begins.  If a window opens up that allows for take-off, they can quickly move into action. This agility is an advantage during inclement weather.  

Also contributing to the agility of private aircraft, is their access to far more airports from which to operate. During the Las Vegas snowfall previously mentioned, while McCarran Airport, the commercial airport in Vegas, was backed up and at one point shut-down, we were able to use Henderson Executive Airport, twenty minutes south of McCarran, to get our clients on their way.  Despite experiencing the same weather as McCarran, without the commercial traffic, flights into and out of Henderson Executive were able to be operated more expeditiously. 

Lastly, the flight paths for private aircraft are more flexible than those for commercial airliners, allowing private aircraft to fly over or around severe weather more easily.  This flexibility means there is a better chance your aircraft will be on its way to its destination rather than remaining grounded until the weather clears.   

The Vegas snowfall was an absolute anomaly and something we probably won’t see again for another decade, but there are plenty of airports where weather delays are a regular occurrence.  If your commercial flight is cancelled or delayed due to weather and you must get to your destination, reach out to us and we’ll let you know if a private charter is an option in getting you safely to your next destination.

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