How much does flying private cost?

How much does flying really cost? Find out now with ClickJetz

How much does flying private cost?

How much does flying private cost? 768 320 sashadmin

Today, you get the answer to the number one question regarding flying private:

How much does it cost?

Flying private is obviously awesome. You have your own aircraft, you don’t have to battle with the commercial terminal, the lines, the people, etc. The entire process is easier, quicker, more peaceful from start to finish. So what does this convenience, ease and luxury cost? 

Unfortunately, it’s not a simple question to answer because many variables go into the price of a private flight:

  • The size of the aircraft
  • The distance you’re flying
  • The type of plane

What I will tell you is that flying private IS NEVER less expensive than flying commercial! We get a lot of calls from people who think it’s going to be cheaper to have their group of 15 or 20 people fly private rather than commercial. This is absolutely NOT the case.

Once again, flying private is NEVER cheaper than flying commercial. Even on an “Empty-Leg” or “Dead-Head” flight it is not cheaper than the commercial economy.

Since Clickjetz is an “on-demand” charter company I’m going to talk about the price of on-demand charter. On-demand means that you are paying for the flight when you need it and you don’t need to have a membership.

Since there are a number of variables that go into the cost of private charter, the best way to demonstrate cost is with an example:

Scenario 1: Bachelor party flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

This is an hour-long flight. Remember that. 

The next thing to consider is the number of people flying and the experience you are seeking.

A group of 8 can go one way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on a turbo-prop, like a Pilatus, for around $5k. Of course, pricing depends on variables like the time of year or how far in advance you book etc (just like with commercials) but on average it’s safe to say that the one hour flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is going to be about $5k. Not terrible, breaks down to $625 per person. Remember, this is just one way and is a turbo-prop so it’s the least costly aircraft on the market. The cabin will be small on the inside with a height of under 5’ so you aren’t standing up walking around.

Let’s consider this same flight, one-hour from LA to Vegas on a jet. Jets are quicker than turboprops but more expensive because they use more fuel.  If you were to do this one-hour flight on a midsize jet, which is a few steps up from a turbo prop and can still carry 8 passengers, you are now looking at a cost of around $8k for the one way.  Looking for a group of 10 people to go? Now you require a heavy jet, the largest of the private jets, and it’s going to cost you around $15k for the one way.

Understand how giving a straight-forward answer to how much it costs can be difficult?

Okay, here are some additional variables regarding pricing:

  • One-ways are always more costly per leg than a round trip because the plane must get back to its base so you are paying, in-part, for the return trip.  
  • So round-trips are always less expensive for each leg? Not necessarily.

If you are going for one or two nights you can benefit from round trip pricing. But once you stay beyond a couple days, your trip has now become two one ways.  Why? Because private aircraft make their money by flying and if it’s sitting on the ground waiting for you, it’s not making money. So it’s going to take other fares during you stay and come back to get you for your return flight. If the aircraft does stay and wait for you, you will end up paying for crew accommodations as well as possibly lost air time.

Let’s look at the cost of a round-trip with the aircraft in our Vegas scenario:

  • Turboprop one-way $5k and round trip $9k
  • Midsize one-way $8k and round trip $14k
  • Heavy Jet one-way $15k and round trip $24k

Overall, for this scenario, you are going to get the return leg for about 60% more than the one way.

Using the Vegas scenario you might assume that a turboprop is going to cost $5k/hour, a midsize jet $8k/hour and a heavy jet $15k/hour. Not necessarily.  

Let’s use a new scenario of a flight from Los Angeles to New York which is about a five hour flight.  

Scenario 2: Bachelor party flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

This flight on a heavy jet starts around $30k. So now your hourly rate goes from $15k for the hour for your Vegas trip, down to $6k/hour.  Why? It’s expensive to just move that heavy jet so short trips push up the hourly cost. 

Hopefully that’s cleared up private charter pricing for you and hasn’t confused you further.

There are a number of variables that affect pricing:

    • Size of aircraft 
    • Age of aircraft
    • Distance you are flying
    • The route you are flying
    • The region you are flying within
    • Whether you are flying one way or round trip

And most importantly, It’s never cheaper to fly private charter than commercial. If you are comfortable with First Class pricing then you might be ready to step up to private charter.

If you have questions regarding the cost of a flight or other questions regarding flying private,  please feel free to reach out to us for a quote or with your questions, we’re here to help you out with the entire process of private charter.