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Las Vegas, most often referred to simply as Vegas, is a city of opulence, abundance and excitement unequaled anywhere else in the world. The four-mile Las Vegas Strip is packed with luxury hotels, celebrity-chef dining, world-class entertainment, couture shopping and high-stakes gambling. If you can dream it, it can be found in Las Vegas. Arriving by private charter into Las Vegas is the ultimate way to kick off your visit.

Vegas airport info

Located less than three miles from The Strip, Las Vegas McCarren Airport (KLAS) is an international airport serving both commercial and private jet charters flying into Vegas.

Arriving by private jet, serenely sip champagne in your private cabin as you land in this desert oasis and bypass the hectic commercial terminal teeming with tourists.

Departing by private charter means you can leave while you’re still up, regardless of the hour.

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Discover Vegas beyond the gambling

If gambling and glitz aren’t your vibe, there are plenty of other reasons to fly a private jet to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the perfect starting point to access The Grand Canyon. On the way you can behold the Hoover Dam, a National Historic Landmark, as well as Lake Mead, the U.S.’s largest reservoir. Witnessing these natural and manmade wonders is truly inspiring. On the opposite side of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon provides breathtaking views of the Mojave Desert and Mount Charleston boasts snow-capped mountain peaks in the middle of the surrounding desert.

As Las Vegas has grown, so has the number of residents calling the valley home. The absence of personal, business and corporate state income tax has lured both individuals and major corporations to Las Vegas and nearby Henderson. McCarren Airport is a convenient option for residents of Las Vegas, including the suburbs of Summerlin, Tule Springs and Spring Valley. To the south of the city, Henderson Executive Airport (KHND) provides a convenient landing option for domestic charter flights bound for Henderson, Sheep Mountain, Boulder City or headed to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam or Lake Mead.

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