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You are flying private from Los Angeles to New York City and your itinerary has you departing Van Nuys and arriving into Teterboro.  What’s up with that? Why aren’t you flying LAX to JFK? 

Okay, today we are talking about the airports we use in private aviation and why. 

When possible, we use private-only airports and at the very least a low-volume commercial airport. For instance, here in LA we avoid using LAX for our flights and stick to using either Van Nuys Airport or Hawthorne Airport. Why would we do that?

Traffic: that’s both up in the air and on the ground.

Let’s start with up in the air:

Large commercial airports facilitate hundreds or thousands of flights each day. This requires a tremendous amount of coordination. If a wrench is thrown in the works, like say weather, flights start backing up and that carefully orchestrated plan quickly goes to hell. 

We want to avoid getting caught up in the flurry of commercial airliners, freight and mail carriers coming in and out of LAX. We want to make sure that your flight is cleared to depart and land on time and the best way to do that is to use an airport with limited traffic.  

When we talk about traffic that we want to avoid, we are also talking about ground traffic. The Clickjetz offices are just south of LAX Airport and airport traffic backing up on the freeway and the surrounding roads is a daily occurrence. Because tens of thousands of people are trying to reach those thousands of flights on a daily basis. We want to stay away from all those people in all those cars.  Like the air traffic, the ground traffic at private airports is significantly less.


Private aircraft are not based at the major commercial airports due to limited space.  Every time an aircraft is moved, it costs money. So departing from the aircraft’s base keeps your cost down.  Additionally, since the commercial airports have enough to handle with their regularly scheduled flights they don’t really want to add private flights to their current load so they tend to charge higher fees than the smaller airports for using their facility.  

This isn’t to mean you cannot use a commercial airport, especially if you are meeting a connecting commercial flight, but know that the clickjetz staff will recommend the best airport for your trip to provide you the smoothest travel experience.  

Final point. Convenience

There are thousands more airports worldwide for private aircraft to use. Why is this important?   

Here’s an example.  Coachella is a popular music festival here in SoCal which takes place in the small desert town of the same name. People from across the U.S,. and beyond, come to experience Coachella and for the most part fly into LAX or Ontario Airport.  On a “normal” weekend it’s a three-hour drive from LAX and an hour-and-half drive from Ontario to reach Coachella. Of course during the festival the drive is much longer as everyone and their mother is trying to get to and from the festival.  There are some, not many, regional flights that go directly into Palm Springs Airport which cuts the drive down considerably to about 40 minutes to an hour. Private flights, however, can use Bermuda Dunes Airport which is about 6 miles from the festival grounds.  See how this is an advantage? Many people envision flying private as a champagne-sipping, luxury experience. While that is a piece of it, a major component of the “luxury” experience is ease and convenience. Being able to fly directly to your destination and not waste hours cooped up in a car is the absolute luxury.  Easy in, easy out and onto the next.

So don’t be surprised if you are offered an alternate airport on your quote, our purpose here is to provide you the best flight experience possible and that is often done by avoiding thus hub airports and taking advantage of private and low volume airports.

Have a question regarding the best airport for your trip? Reach out and we are happy to provide our expertise or answer any of your questions regarding flying private.