Private Charter Doesn’t Stop for Coronavirus

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Private Charter Doesn’t Stop for Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus Outbreak has rattled the transportation industry. This week, on Wednesday, March 4th, United Airlines and JetBlue Airways became the first of US Airlines to cut some of their US flight schedules since so many passengers were worried about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

United Airlines has said they will be cutting their flights inside of the United States and Canada by about 10% and their overseas flights by roughly 20%. United is attempting to keep flights running in a way that doesn’t stress their employees and the overall operation.

JetBlue had a similar plan, stating they would cut their flights by 5% soon. “We are closely monitoring booking trends to assess whether additional capacity reductions will be required,” the airline said in a statement. It added that passengers who are booked on affected flights will be moved to other flights that will get them to their destinations “on the same day.”

Don't Let Coronavirus Keep You Grounded

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