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The Perks of Empty Leg Flights

Perks of Empty Legs Flights

The Perks of Empty Leg Flights

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Luxury is everything—especially when we travel. Charter flights offer luxury and bespoke service, but they may not always be affordable. Empty leg flights offer a solution for those with the flexibility to travel one way and a desire to experience the benefits of flying private.

An “empty leg,” also known as an empty sector, is an aviation term that describes the return or repositioning portion of a private jet charter flight. It’s a flight without passengers or cargo—an empty aircraft that either needs to return to home base or reposition for its next charter flight. Since the aircraft has to move either way, this opens up seats on the empty leg at a discount for customers who want to enjoy flying private without the hefty price tag.

Empty leg flights offer an amazing opportunity to experience the ultimate in travel experiences. Here are just a few of the perks that flying empty legs provides.

No Crowds

When you fly an empty leg flight, you won’t have to deal with crowds on the ground or in the air. Private security clearance means you escape long TSA lines and the people that go along with it. Security clearance will be more relaxed and less stressful, even when you are flying with a group. In the air, there will be no other passengers unless you charter the empty leg with a group. You won’t have to deal with babies crying, loud conversations or a struggle for the armrest like you would on a commercial flight.

Next Level Comfort

The difference in the comfort levels between flying commercial and private is unparalleled. Many of the smaller airports that private jets fly out of feature luxe private waiting areas or lounges. In the air, you’ll enjoy a spacious cabin that you can walk around to stretch your legs. Couch seating provides plenty of leg room so you can relax, and sleeping births are often available. The restrooms are roomier and sometimes there is a shower available, depending on the aircraft. While commercial flights leave you sore and jet-lagged upon arrival, traveling empty legs make you feel rested and refreshed.

Better Prices for Charter Flights

Empty leg flights are much less expensive than regular charter flights. You can even complete a day of work with the state-of-the-art Wi-Fi and quiet privacy a private jet provides. It’s also possible to charter empty legs with a group of friends or coworkers. The discounts could make your group travel even less expensive than if you flew commercial—and significantly more enjoyable.

If you have a flexible schedule, ClickJetz’s empty legs may be the perfect way to indulge in all the convenience and luxury flying private offers. Click here to browse availability of our empty leg flights.