To travel or not to travel?

To Travel or Not to Travel

To travel or not to travel?

To travel or not to travel? 768 320 sashadmin

For those of you who need to travel and those of you just who want to, we want to provide the latest recommendations and considerations.

At the time of this posting this is what we know:

As on March 11 there is a travel ban on continental Europeans traveling to the U.S.

  • This ban does not apply to citizens of the U.K.
  • This ban does not apply to American citizens or permanent residents traveling home to the U.S.

No restrictions on domestic travel, however, the CDC warns that crowded travel settings, like commercial airports and commercial aircraft, can increase your risk to exposure.

How can private charter minimize your exposure?
Avoids crowded settings
Eliminates high-touch screenings such as TSA checkpoints
Smaller environment allows for more thorough cleaning

Our operator-partners are taking precautionary measures including:

  • Sanitizing all areas of the cabin with hospital grade disinfectants in compliance with WHO and CDC guidelines
  • Replacing hot towel service with pre-moistened towelettes
  • Removing all disposable reading materials from the aircraft
  • Supplementing pre-moistened towelettes and sanitizer for crew

In consideration of this ever-changing environment, many operators have instituted a more relaxed cancellation policy. If you are interested in making a future booking but are concerned about unanticipated circumstances that may prevent travel, please ask about cancellation policies that will allow for a refund.

As always, we remain an on-demand charter company with no fees to use our service.

Please call with questions or quote requests, we look forward to helping you safely reach your next destination.

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