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What to Expect When Flying Private

What to Expect When You're Flying Private

What to Expect When Flying Private

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For those wondering what it’s like to fly private and those who might be flying private for the first time and want to know what to expect the day of their flight, this article is for you.


You will be departing from and arriving into either a private airport or an airport that is not a hub for commercial traffic. This is the best way to avoid traffic both on the ground and in the air which is crucial.  We don’t want you battling traffic on the ground trying to reach the airport and we don’t want your flight delayed due to air traffic.

Plus, we want to get you as close as possible to your ultimate destination which commercial airports can’t always do. 

One bit of lingo you need to know when flying private is FBO which stands for Fixed Base Operator. Your FBO is the spot from which your plane departs.  It substitutes the terminal and gate used in commercial travel but a fraction of the size. FBO can range from opulent to simple, depending on the size of the airport, but for the most part they are well-appointed facilities that offer a range of amenities for the private traveler.

Lead Time:

You only need to arrive at the airport 30 minutes prior to your departure.  Compared to commercials which have you arriving at minimum an hour before your flight, and sometimes up to two, this is a real time saver. 


When you arrive at the FBO you will let the receptionist know your name and the tail number of your aircraft and the crew will be alerted to your arrival.  Once you are ready to board the crew will escort you to the aircraft and perform “security”. They will check your government issued photo-ID and ask you some screening questions.  Then you board.

Yeah, no TSA line, no taking off your shoes and emptying your pockets, no throwing away the bottle of water you’re drinking.  You want to carry your full cup of Starbucks onto the plane? No problem.  

The crew will stow your luggage, finish final preparations and you are off.

That’s it. Super simple.

The Seating

On your aircraft, the seating depends on the aircraft you choose and Clickjetz provides a seat-map and photos of the plane’s interior when you receive a quote so you will have an idea of the configuration before you board. We will also indicate on your quote whether your aircraft has a bathroom as some small jets and turboprops do not have them.

Flight Attendants

Flight attendants come standard on Heavy Jets, but smaller aircraft do not usually have a Flight Attendant unless you request one.  

Food & Drink

All flights offer a variety of snacks and both soft and alcoholic beverages, so if your flight is without a Flight Attendant you simply serve yourself.  If you want more than chips and nuts, etc or if you have a specific request in mind, we can of course cater whatever you’d like to eat or drink to be brought on board. Or you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks on the plane, that’s never a problem.

Arriving is even easier than departing.  Once you touch down the crew will assist you in deplaning, hand you your luggage and escort you to the FBO or your waiting ground transportation and you are on your way.


What if you are running late?

We’ve all been there, stuck in traffic sweating that the plane will leave without us. Unless you are running HOURS late, your plane will not leave without you. Most aircraft provide a 30-minute courtesy window after which, depending on the situation, they might start charging you for the time. If you are extremely late and the aircraft has another pick up that they must meet then it obviously must be on the way, but if it is a reasonable amount of time that you are late, like 15-30 minutes, you don’t need to worry about your plane taking off without you.


Parking varies by FBO, but most will valet your car on both ends.  If you are in a privately-owned vehicle or a licensed car service, you can often drive on the tarmac up to your aircraft, but this does depend on the airport rules. Nevertheless, the Clickjetz staff will provide the specific details for your arrival on your itinerary so you will have all this information in advance. 

Overall, the whole process is shorter, simpler and smoother than commercial travel.  

If you are traveling with a pet, a sick or elderly person, or a baby, avoiding those crowded terminals and keeping the total travel time to a minimum is crucial for a successful trip. 

Those with busy schedules know that time is money and the time you save by flying private is one of its greatest values.  

If you have any more questions regarding the day of flight, please reach out and we’re happy to answer them.

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