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What’s an On-Demand Charter Broker?

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What’s an On-Demand Charter Broker?

What’s an On-Demand Charter Broker? 768 320 sashadmin

Let’s break it down…

‘On-Demand Charter’ is when you book and pay for a charter when you need it. There is no membership, membership fees, large deposits or long-term commitment required.

‘Broker’ is an intermediary who has deep knowledge of the charter industry and using specialized software and established relationships, sources, negotiates, and presents you with the charter flights that best fit your needs.

In layman’s terms, a broker is a travel agent for private charter. 

The entity operating the aircraft (but not necessarily owning it) is the operator. In the private charter industry, there is a synergistic relationship between brokers and operators. Operators rely on brokers to book a significant portion of the flights they fly.

Why do I need a broker?

You can book a flight directly with an operator…if you have a lot of operator contacts, aircraft geo-locating software, and lots of time. 


 Operators have limited fleets.  Is their aircraft available for your date of travel? Do they have the appropriate aircraft to accommodate the headcount and distance of your trip? Where is the plane positioned and will you need to pay repositioning fees? 

ClickJetz has access to a vast network of private aircraft available for charter so we provide the right aircraft for your needs when you need it. We use real-time geolocation software to determine aircraft proximity to avoid costly repositioning. 

Cost savings

Prices differ significantly between operators.  The exact same aircraft can cost thousands of dollars more from one operator to the next. By soliciting bids from multiple operators ClickJetz finds the best-priced options for your request. We leverage our long-standing relationships and industry discounts to negotiate optimum pricing. 


Unfortunately, illegal charters exist.  ClickJetz only uses FAA Part-135 certified charters. We can also deliver Argus, Wyvern and IS-BAO rated operators per your request. Safety and insurance documentation on operators is available as well.


ClickJetz has a single focus – our customers. We use dependable operators, avoid those with bad reputations, and are a single point of contact for each trip, regardless of the aircraft or operator.


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