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Flying private to Zurich has never been easier!

Despite its diminutive size, Zurich is one of the world’s largest financial centers and the wealthiest city in Europe. Switzerland’s economic center, Zurich is home to the Swiss Stock Exchange, the headquarters of most Swiss banks, the largest gold trading center in the world and many foreign banks. Understandably, private jet charters are the preferred method of travel for many residents of and visitors to Zurich.


Beyond secretive Swiss Bank accounts, the city has many appeals. Zurich is consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world with its residents enjoying an exceptionally high quality of life. Nestled between wooded hills to the east and west, the city stretches along both sides of the Limmat river which flows from Lake Zurich. The Alps, just 30 km away, act as a background to the lake and can be seen from the city center. Zurich’s close proximity to some of the world’s best and most picturesque skiing is reason enough to take a private jet charter to Zurich.

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Zurich is served by a single airport, Zurich Airport (LSZH, ZRH). But, lending credence to the view of the Swiss as exceptionally efficient, the airport seamlessly handles the many private charter flights into the area. Just 10 km from the city center, Zurich Airport provides passengers quick and easy to access to the city by car or an 11-minute train ride. That being said, those arriving on a private charter may be inclined to linger at the airport; exclusive stores offer everything from luxury Swiss watches to exquisite Swiss chocolate at the mall-like airport.

A private jet to Zurich will ensure that your journey will equal the excellence for which the city is known.

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